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Cyber Security Essentials for Small Businesses


Our practical guide outlining 5 actionable steps to help every small business reduce their risk of being a casualty of cyber crime. A Cybersecurity book written by our president & founder, Jonathan Arena, CISSP, ITIL, CSM

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Cyber Security Essentials for Small Businesses (Digital Copy)
Written By: Jonathan Arena, CISSP, ITIL, CSM
Digital Download: 45 pages

About This Book:
Cyber crime has surpassed the international drug trade top criminal moneymaker with damages expected to exceed $10 Trillion. These attacks are not being executed by the stereotypical hacker. This is 21st century organized crime. As a society, cyber-attacks are a problem we can no longer afford to ignore.

It is not an overstatement to say everyone is a target. Every business, organization and individual is at risk, yet most do not even take the most basic cybersecurity steps to protect themselves, even though there are straightforward and low-cost measures that can be taken.

Even with the advancement of technology, cyber-criminals are still overwhelmingly using the tried-and-true methods of weak password exploitation, phishing and confidence scams, trusted access through compromised vendors, openly accessible network ports to the Internet, and un-patched vulnerabilities to make light work of the business of cyber-crime. Because “garden variety” cyber-criminals are having so much success with these basic methods, they generally stick to what they know works and have largely ignored the more complex methods available to them.

This book outlines the five actionable steps every small business owner can take to significantly reduce the risk of becoming the next casualty of cyber crime. While this book focuses on helping small businesses, most of these topics also apply to individual computer users.

A paperback version is also available through Amazon Prime