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Why Choose RealTechPros

We are leaders helping independent business owners with their technical support, cyber security, and cloud-based file backups.
We are technology experts

We are Technology Experts

Our technicians are business friendly, and always work with a sense of urgency.  They have worked in or have been trained on many technology disciplines and are ready to serve your technology needs. Many of our technicians hold technical certifications. We can manage your technology, and we’ll always be there for you when you need support, or even just a helping hand!

We are Cyber Security Focused

Cyber attacks are the scourge of the Internet causing trillions of dollars of loss each year. Gone are the days of saying “I’m too small, it can’t happen to me.” Most cyber security offerings are too complicated and expensive for a small business or independent professional. We take a targeted approach to address the most critical aspects of your computer’s security, reducing your overall cyber risk.
We are cyber security focused
We provide top support

We Love People!

For most, talking to a technical support person ranks up there with getting dental work, pulling weeds or cleaning the house. We get it. When you call with a problem, you just want help. To that end, we only hire friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable people who understand business and technology. We are happy to educate you as much as you would like, and we’ll spare you the ‘geek speak’.

We Save You Money

Buying all of the services we offer on a piece-by-piece basis would cost you roughly double than our carefully bundled solutions. For less than the cost of a typical onsite technician house call, our plans will provide you with unlimited access to our remote support technicians by phone, ticket, or chat.

We save you money
We are your partner

We'll Save You Time

We understand when you’re in business, every second you’re not making money, you’re losing money. You want to focus on what you truly want to work on, your business!  You don’t want to have to worry about running backups or updating your computers.  Let us do that! We can also manage your cyber security, so you can focus on what matters most…making your business successful!

We'll Save The Day!

Your productivity & business success is our ultimate goal. Whether you need help solving a technical problem under a tight deadline, need to ensure your computer is running at it’s best at all times, or if you need affordable and common sense cyber security protection, we’re here to help!
We're here to support you